Care & Maintenance

Simple & Easy Maintenance

Radianz boasts easy maintenance thanks to its non-porous and chemical-resistant material. It does not require additional coating or gloss finish. Most contaminants can be removed by simply wiping clean the surface with a damp cloth. Remove immediately food particles and grease spots that occur while cooking using neutral detergent and water. Do avoid the use of alkaline detergents.

Removing contaminants

The product surface can be maintained clean at all times using a soft cloth with neutral detergent. Ordinary household detergents can be used to remove the contaminants. However, please avoid the use of products containing abrasives as it may reduce the product’s luster.

Restricted products
Avoid using floor coating removal products, thinner, alkaline detergent, cleaners or wax containing abrasives, strong chemicals (hydrochloric acid, potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide). If such products come into contact with Radianz, use water to remove it immediately.

Removing water stains

Ordinary water stains can be removed using kitchen detergents. However, strong stains can be removed using lime scale remover. Strong rubbing of the surface or the use of abrasive cloth can cause scratches and reduce luster.

Preventing thermal shock

Radianz has high heat resistance (Resistant up to 150℃) and causes no related problems unless exposed to direct heat. A momentary but direct heat can damage the product. When using the gas cooker, be careful so fire sparks do not reach the surface and always use a heat coaster when placing hot pots on the surface.

Preventing scratch

Radianz has a highly durable surface strength, which is stronger than natural granite, and is therefore extremely scratch resistant. However, hard materials such as knife, steel wool pads, etc. will cause scratches on the product. When using a knife always use a cutting board.