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Premium solid surface choices by LOTTE CHEMICAL
reflect the finest contemporary design trends.

Staron solid surfaces and Radianz quartz by LOTTE CHEMICAL unleash creativity and allow your design vision to flourish.

We are quickly becoming a leader in the premium surface materials market. As we grow, we offer greater choices and possibilities to our customers as they bring their dreams to life.

LOTTE CHEMICAL, a chemical corporation of Global LOTTE, is a leading company in Asia and around the globe.

We strive to create high-quality products that our customers admire and trust, and we respond quickly to market demands with premium, high-performance decorative surfaces. As a result, professional architects, designers and fabricators have come to appreciate our flexibility, responsiveness and creativity as we help them convert ideas into real-life applications.

Lotte Chemical constantly strives to create new history
in premium surface industries.

- 2010


Compounding plant in Tianjin, China completed.


Launched the Radianz Quartz Noble collection.

Established engineered stone factory in Yeosu work place.


Compounding plant in Mexico completed.


Established the R&D Center(Head office)
Polycarbonate plant completed.

- 2017


Introduced Supreme new 17 colors


Founded Lotte advanced material Co. Ltd. as part of Lotte Group


Launched Staron's Supreme range of amorphous-patterned surfaces


Completed componding plant in Dongguan, China


Selected as one of the 100 most innovative companies by Thomson Reuters

Completed compounding plant in Hungary

- 2021


Built a 2nd plant in Belenco, Turkey


Became 'Lotte Chemical Co. Ltd.' after merging with 'Lotte Advanced Meterial'

Released 'Gold Liner', a differentiated pattern in Radianz


Took over Belenco, a Quartz manufacturer in Turkey

Launched 'Locelain', the superior engineered porcelain surface


Installed a state-of-the-art Breton equipped facility


We provide value to turn your imagination into reality.


High Performance Acrylic Solid Surface

Staron was developed in 1992 as a luxurious solid surface material available in a wide range of colors and textures to meet any design need. Widely used in residential and commercial applications, Staron is certified for use in health care and food service.And because it can be easily shaped or thermoformed, it is used to create innovative fixtures, display areas, furniture, columns and more. After the introduction of its Tempest colors and the Supreme collection with its natural stone patterns, Staron has grown to become a prominent supplier of decorative surface products word-wide.


Premium Natural Quartz Surfaces

Radianz natural quartz was introduced to the market in 2009 and has been growing continuously. It is admired as a high-quality building material for its natural color and texture. Though it is nearly reminiscent of many types of granite and marble, Radianz offers characteristics and benefits that natural stone just can match. Because it is nonporous, molds, bacteria and even viruses cannot penetrate the surface, enabling its use in health care, food service and nearly any commercial surfacing application.